Sexy Transsexual Girls in Pantyhoses

I started this site because I love pantyhose. Actually all nylon…I guess I have a nylon fetish you can say but I feel that pantyhose are the sexiest of them all. But what is better than nylon? Combining it with something else. I think shemales are very sexy too. All transgender women are sexy, but I think shemales or the "pre-ops" or "non-ops" are the sexiest. I am a non-op and think of the term shemale as cute. Anyway, shemales plus pantyhose is supper sexy.

Here is an outline on some of my thoughts that I have chosen to write about:

Classic RHT
The last 2 pairs of pantyhose I wore. The lighter ones I wore to the grocery store and the darker ones I wore on my date the night before.

I find all hosiery, especially pantyhose to be extremely comfortable, pretty, and sexy. It is certainly not an uncommon fetish in the transgender and male community. The fetish ranges anywhere from an appreciation of the appearance of someone else's legs in pantyhose to having the best orgasm from just wearing them! I am definitely at the more extreme end of the spectrum with liking all the stuff in between. I even like the look of my own pantyhose after I take them off, all wrinkled up laying on the floor waiting to be washed. Seeing them hanging in the bathtub drying over the shower curtain bar every time I go pee, yet still turns me on quite a bit too. I have actually once had an orgasm just from wearing nylons. All other times I get extremely turned on at the least. I don't really understand why I enjoy pantyhose as much as I do, but I would imagine that I had some childhood experience that made me like them this much. I can't seem to remember anything. Whatever the case, I am they way I am and grateful that I do have an appreciation for pantyhose as much as I do. It is exciting to have such a passion for something. I know that there are many people that know what I mean.

I often get distracted while wearing my pantyhose, such as going through my drawers admiring my collection and somewhat being dysfunctional in my own little comfort paradise. My routine would typically involve the wearing of a nude pair of pantyhose with my chosen outfit of which is usually jeans, a tight top and some pointy, stylish, low heels. I often plan out long term as to what pantyhose I am going to wear with my outfit on say Tuesday or for my date on Saturday. I like it when men check out my feet or legs when I am wearing pantyhose. I know that stare, the look of a pantyhose fetishist. I live for those moments and usually tease guys with little movements that I know will turn them on. I sometimes pulling my foot out of my shoe, wiggling my toes and rubbing my feet together in a soothing fashion while smiling, or reach down and

slightly caress my legs, admiring the feeling of the nylon on my legs. It's lots of fun!

I love all kinds of hosiery such as garter stockings, thigh highs, and knee highs, but only pantyhose turn me on. I have so many different types, styles, deniers, patterns, prints and colors. I have an entire large drawer dedicated to my pantyhose. My favorite pair would have to be my 100% non-stretch nylon, nude, sheer, RHT (Reinforced Heel and Toe), control top pantyhose. How is that for detail? I obviously have a passion when it comes to pantyhose. I actually have several that fit this description. I also love colored sheer pantyhose, but they scream too much attention for every day wear. Although, I do wear them from time to time with a nice tight short skirt.

If you have some acceptance with your pantyhose fetish to the point where you either wear pantyhose out or talk freely about them, then comes the integration of this fetish into a relationship. There are many ways that this could be successfully done such as asking your partner to wear pantyhose more often because of your appreciation for them, to being a male wearing nude pantyhose showing just the bit between his shoes and some longer pants. The excitement of having a relationship with someone that also enjoys pantyhose can lead you to some great sex. With this fetish, there are many variations in the play-time that are so totally erotic that don't even involve penetration or your typical sexual interactions. These non-traditional sexual foreplay sessions and pantyhose sex is what I like best!

----------Shemales on cam that have a pantyhose fetish. If they are offline, the link will redirect to shemales online.----------

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